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Intellient is an EOH Oracle services company.

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Master distributor of
Hyperion solutions

Intellient is an EOH Oracle services company.


About Intellient

Intellient is an EOH Oracle Services company. Its range of solutions currently assist more than ninety leading South African companies. Our customers operate in a variety of industries including financial, mining, manufacturing, retail, pharmaceutical, telecommunications and logistics.

Key certifications:

  • Oracle Platinum Partner
  • Oracle Preferred implementation partner of Hyperion software
  • Oracle Hyperion training partner on behalf of Oracle

EOH Intellient helps our local and global clients measure & manage performance so that they can better anticipate results and drive growth and profitability.

This is achieved by optimising the entire management cycle through the provision of robust, powerful and easy to use information platforms. Furthermore, they properly integrate all management related processes to ensure efficiency and consistency in decision making. This is fundamental in ensuring strategy execution and therefore predictable results.

As EOH Intellient has been a Hyperion distributor/partner for the last 18 years, we are the only partner who has contractually managed software maintenance; we therefore have extensive experience in dealing with Oracle support. Clients who have Hyperion licenses purchased through Intellient have the benefit of the Service Desk as part of the annual maintenance fee.

Our Clients