What We Do

With Oracle Hyperion you can collect, organise and analyse data — then share it throughout your enterprise within a rich, unified workspace that makes business performance management easier and more powerful than ever before.




We think you’ll be able to drive performance improvements by better aligning goals with metrics, increasing operational efficiency, and becoming more comfortable with the integrity of your numbers. Only Hyperion delivers this sort of breakthrough performance management, because we offer the most comprehensive set of features, functionality and flexibility in one system — Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management. With Hyperion, we offer solutions that fit the needs of your business so you can “start anywhere” — and drive breakthrough performance everywhere in your enterprise.


Services for our customers

Hyperion professionals and our selected partners offer a range of resources to customise, enhance, support and extend your Hyperion solutions. With 25 years of experience and a proven methodology, our services team has delivered successful results for thousands of businesses worldwide. When you purchase Hyperion products, your maintenance agreement entitles you to new product upgrades, and access to the industry’s best technical support. This renewable, annual agreement, along with consulting and education services, protects your company’s technology investment and helps ensure its long term value.

From product demonstration to implementation and from training to technical support, Hyperion professionals work together to transform your licensed software into powerful solutions that support your decision making and drive superior business performance. With the integrated, modular suite of Hyperion Applications, Hyperion BI, Hyperion Foundation Services™ that leverage your existing systems, and a “Windows on the Web” workspace, you can have the broadest corporate performance management capabilities available today with seamless transitions from planning, to query & analysis, to reporting.


What can EPM do for you?

Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management software is a suite of financial management applications integrated with a powerful BI platform into the first modular and most comprehensive business performance management solution ever. By delivering the industry’s broadest range of integrated CPM capabilities, Hyperion Performance Management gives you a timely and accurate “single version of the truth.”

You gain accurate visibility into financial and operational metrics so you can better focus resources, improve performance and manage operational risks – while planning, forecasting, and reporting with confidence. With its intuitive, easy-to-use thin client interface, Hyperion software helps increase productivity and extends performance management everywhere within your organisation, satisfying business needs with a minimum of training. Hyperion also helps lower your total cost of ownership by simplifying deployment with a single, modular, integrated system.

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